Thursday, September 12, 2013

End-of-Summer Bounty, Deep Fried

When I lived in Japan, I did not eat enough tempura.  (I did not know this until I returned to the rural U.S., many miles away from any Japanese restaurant, and realized the missed opportunities.)

And, having grown up in a household where deep frying was not allowed, I was intimidated by the idea of  trying make tempura in my own kitchen. Hot oil!  Deep frying!  Scary stuff!

But.  I got brave today.  

Lovely neighbors gave us a generous bagful of very fresh green beans and okra, and I found this recipe. 

In additions to the veggies, it involves very few ingredients: oil (for frying), soy sauce, lime juice, sugar, flour, beer, sesame seeds, and salt.  Nothing difficult there, and all easy to find in your basic grocery store.

The most difficult part of the recipe is heating the oil to 365 degrees. It takes longer than expected. The rest is super fast and super easy, and, eaten with cold beer, it is a delight.  

I recommend this as a great first (or second or third) foray into the amazing world of Asian food.

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