Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fantasizing about chickens

It's 3:41 am, and I am having a little bout of insomnia.

And when this happens, my thoughts sometimes turn to chickens.

I want to go just a little bit further on that road to sustainability.

And I want really fresh eggs.

I know absolutely nothing about raising chickens, but my early-morning surfing has shown me that Amazon features at least six lists written by chicken owners and enthusiasts:

And I haven't even started on Google.


Stephanie said...

Jim wants to raise chickens too, but all the neighbors have chickens, and we can get fresh eggs, and I just think there would be a lot of poop, which Mia would then roll in.

Mom said...

A chick is easier to raise than a puppy. And better tasting.

Elizabeth said...

But does it get all excited when you come home from work?