Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blogging Hiatus

Golly. I haven’t blogged for two weeks.

Since January, I'd been blogging very regularly—except for the odd week of Work Hell that prevented me from getting to it.

But, forcing myself to examine why I haven’t blogged lately, I see several factors:

One, of course, is the glorious summer weather. I want to be outside—camping, cooking, eating, drinking, walking my dog, gardening—and patently *not* inside at a computer. Life is meant to be lived, not just blogged about, and I’ve been doing a whole lot of living. And it’s been great.

And then there is the slightly shameful reason I haven’t blogged.

About three weeks ago, an anonymous print publication was circulated at work, and in it, I was roasted for my blog. Actually, the blog was not mentioned, but very silly pictures (taken from here and here) were lifted out of context, and I was lifted up to ridicule for all colleagues to see.

Not very nice. Still makes me shudder. And get a bit weepy.

I know I should have thicker skin, but it made me think I should drop the blog altogether. The experience was so embarrassing and mean-spirited. (I should mention that I work at a high school, and this text was, I think, student-produced. Thus, I was outed and ridiculed by the very students I serve.)

No matter how long you work for them and what you give, some teenagers just don’t ever seem to appreciate it, whether it be creating challenging and important classroom lessons or helping raise scholarship money so that they can attend the amazing school in the first place.

It makes my heart ache.

And then there were major work demands: another Board meeting, the end of our fiscal year, a graduation to help organize.

And then there was Memorial Day weekend, during which we looked at more houses to buy.

And there is, of course, the ongoing puppy experience.

And the first tent-camping trip with the puppy (which was glorious).

So now I’m back, but I am not sure how regularly. My need for blogging seems to coincide with cold weather and need for challenge. And I feel I've had more than enough challenge in the last few weeks.

Enough excuses. I have missed you all, and I'm sorry I've been out of touch.


Ann said...

Missed you! Was beginning to worry that something had happened. Glad most of your hiatus was a happy thing. As for the "outing," screw 'em...someday the little monsters will go thru the same thing and will hopefully remember with shame what they did to you. Karma!!!

Mom said...

I missed you too. My hunch is that the "outers" did as well. They obviously follow your blog, and took a fair amount of time to publicize it. They certainly found the funniest pictures, and may have been oblivious to the embarrassment it caused you.

I think young people do not "get" context or propriety. It is as if all speech (or image)is fair, anywhere. This is obviously immature, and wrong. I hope you get an apology, and can accept it.

Femminista said...

Thanks, you guys.

There will be no apology--I am sure of that.

I was not flamed very badly, especially when compared to some of my colleagues. It is the utter lack of gratitude and respect that is so astonishing, given the mission of the school. It means that we have failed,though it is probably only a few students overall.

And, Anne, you are right: I should not waste energy on the "monsters."

sognatrice said...

Those ungrateful little...um...well, at least you have your puppy to hug. I find puppy hugs are the cure for most everything :)

Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

SOO good to have you back.
I definately missed your blog. :)