Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seven Things, Week 12


This is for last Saturday's contribution to the project.

No pictures, I'm afraid. The batteries in the camera went. But I do have seven things to report!

TWO things to throw out:

  • a pair of Al’s stained and ripped jeans
  • a pair of worn-out shoes with actual holes in them (lovely Sesto Meucci loafers purchased new from eBay only last summer but worn rather incessantly since then

Next, TWO sets of coasters from Japan, one set depicting the Tales of Genji and the other of Sumo wrestlers, go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. We've had them around the house for ten years, but now that I'm making the cd coasters, so we no longer need a pile of cardboard coasters. Alan always hated the Sumo guys....

Finally, THREE beautiful, almost-new books to be released into "the Wild" tomorrow (a la BookCrossing.com):

  • Life of Pi (Martel)
  • Founding Brothers (Ellis)
  • Second Honeymoon (Trollope)

(Feel like hunting a book? Click here to hunt for books in over 95 countries!)

Total this week: 7

Total so far: 103


Kel said...

I can't believe it!?!
you're a book crossing fan too

when i lived in the city i used to drop and chase books all the time, my friends thought i was mad as a hatter when i'd say, "quick, a book had just been released in Croydon, I know that spot, lets' go!"

ruth said...

I really enjoyed Life of Pi - what did you think of it?

Love the idea of bookcrossing hope to live somewhere where it's feasible to participate one day.