Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seven Things Meme

Still catching up in Blog World--Sognatrice tagged me for a meme last Monday, and I've been meaning to get to it all week.

This one is called the Seven Things meme, and these are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose seven people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!
Sognatrice riffed on the meme by basing her list on the Seven Deadly Sins and how they manifest themselves in her. This is hard, since my family and closest friends read this blog and so I don't really want to tell Mom about my secret lust. So ix-nay on the eadley-day ins-say.

As for the other, more boring option, I'm pretty transparent--not many secrets here. What wouldn't they know?

1. I think my brother already knows this because he shares this weirdness: I am not very brand-loyal, but I hate to buy anything other than Scott brand toilet paper--not the new "soft" version, but the one with 1000 sheets per roll so we don't run out of toilet paper all the time.

2. Speaking of Scott, I have always had a crush on Scott Simon's voice.

3. I no longer shave my legs in the winter time. That's what opaque tights are for. But now it's summer. Damn.

4. I really, really really hate anyone eating and drinking at meetings or in cars. It is endemic in my culture, but it really grosses me out, and were I Queen of the Universe, I would tell everyone to just eat before you meet (or drive)--on pain of death. Water is ok. Nothing else is, especially coffee. Gag.

5. I always set my alarm clock three or four times before I settle down to sleep. Just to make sure.

6. I have always wanted a karaoke machine, but I don't know how I'd use it. Alone? In a soundproof room?

7. I have a growing fondness for country western music--and a diminishing fondness for classical music. Is that a kind of atrophy?

Ok, so now I have to tag seven people, which I am scared to do because some people hate to be tagged.

But what the hell.

I'll avoid tagging the bloggers I suspect would really hate it and go for the following who seem like jolly good sports and, who, when I search their blog for "meme", don't seem to have done this one yet:

1. The Ravell'd Sleave
2. Beth in New York City
3. Taoknitter
4. Ruth’s Place
5. Crafting Chaos

Eek! Who else can I tag? There are some friends who read this blog but don't post comments, so that makes me shy; there are some new friends whom I only just met. I know there must be someone else I can tag...but who? What to do?


Ms. Theologian said...

I totally agree with you about eating in meetings. I had a coworker who would literally spray food from her mouth during meetings with food. No one would sit near her. And in meetings without food, she would BRING her own food.

P.S. I do not want to be tagged. Really.

Femminista said...

Yes, I had already put you in the "bloggers I suspect would really hate it" category. Not that you're not a jolly good sport...

sognatrice said...

The country western thing scares me a bit, but hey, that's what revealing memes are for ;) Thanks for playing :)

Femminista said...

But how can you not admire a genre with lyrics like

[i]Well, I met a man out in Hollywood
And I aint namin names.
But he really worked me over good
Just like Jesse James.

Yes, he really worked me over good
He was a credit to his gender.
He put me through some changes
Lord, sorta like a Waring blender.[/i]

That just makes me smile every time I hear it...

Twilight said...

I totally set me alarm several times before bed too.

Ann said...

I do not know how I missed this! Somehow got by me...but I did do it this week 'cause someone else tagged me. Thanks, tho'.

You have been so quiet...I hope all is well...