Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Born-Again Bread

I don't know why, but I thrill to tips on how to be frugal and less wasteful. Like the reusing depleted soap bars to make laundry soap. Or making clean-out-the-refrigerator soup.

Today's Ideal Bite was a good reminder.

I am not a bread eater, but Alan is. When/If the bread gets stale, we usually just freeze it for bread crumbs when needed, but today's Bite has some nice recipe ideas for stale bread:*

Apple Pan Charlotte
Baked French Toast
Cheese, Onion and Bread Souffle
Chocolate Bread Pudding
Lebanese Bread Salad

Also, if you scroll down the Bite page, you'll learn how to pronounce bruschetta. It was news to me.

*I do not think that the sliced sandwich bread many people buy at the grocery store ever DOES go stale. They put dough conditioners and preservatives in it to prevent staleness; mold, however, still does happen, and you certainly do not want a moldy Apple Pan Charlotte. So I'd say these recipes are for those who make their own bread or buy it at a good bakery.

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Twilight said...

I don't make leftover soup but I do make a sort of stir fry. Take all the leftover veggies, throw in fry pan, add rice or corn and fry up. It turns out really good.

And surprisingly corn makes an interesting substitute for rice.