Saturday, May 12, 2007

Plant Identification

A question from Ms T of Surviving the Workday which I can't answer--but maybe you can:

We have this mystery plant in the vegetable garden (see [images]). Since I let things go to seed every year sometimes some strange plants come up that I haven't planted in years. Is this a pepper? Or something else? I've planted a range of things (tomatoes, eggplant, lots of peppers), and can't identify it....

I am nervous about giving any advice ever since I sought online help for a mystery plant that I thought might be tomatillo and found out that tomatillo is in the deadly nightshade family and so my mystery plant could have been something unpleasantly toxic!

I'd hate to steer you wrong, Ms. T. Maybe someone more proficient in gardening and horticulture could educate us?


Femminista said...

Ms. T--are the leaves aromatic? (Could it be marjoram?) And have you seen any flowers?

Ms. Theologian said...

Hmmm...the leaves are not aromatic, but it does look like it will flower at some point. I'll send you a photo of the flowers.

french said...

Well, plenty of things are in the deadly nightshade family. Unless you've planted any of the ones you know are toxic, like belladonna, I wouldn't worry.

The leaf shape and shininess reminds me a bit of peppers, actually.