Monday, May 21, 2007


Or, as some puppy owners call it, "walkies."

My Vein of Gold work--sadly neglected since James arrived--has had one boost: the prescribed daily walk of 20 minutes or so happens regularly, and not just once a day but always twice and sometimes three times.

Before James, I walked only on special days--on holidays, on especially beautiful weekend mornings, and when we had company.

Now it is an integrated part of my life.

This morning, I finally remembered to take the camera on our regular morning (6:30 am) walk.

Unfortunately, it was overcast this morning--unusual for New Mexico--and so isn't as pretty as most days.

We start from our driveway and go up a wooded mountain path.

This is high desert, so the conifer woods are also prickly-pear woods and yucca woods.

We encounter rocks to climb, then a logging road and The View.

This ugly metal barn-like thing is what's behind me as I look at The View. (Not so lovely.)

Then back down the hill to home. About a 25-minute walk.


Bridget said...

What a beautiful walk - and the first picture makes it look like James is quite happy to be out!

sognatrice said...

IMHO, one of the greatest benefits of having a doggie is the daily walks--perfect excuse to get out there! Lovely walk you have there!

Ann said...

So incredible. Except for the barn. Lucky you...except for the barn. Enjoy those walks!