Monday, April 23, 2007

Catching Up On UFOs: CD Coasters

Back in January, I made a coaster out of some old yarn and one of those junk-mail CDs that used to arrive without invitation in my mailbox. (They don't anymore, and I'm thanking GreenDimes.)

I had been wondering what kind of sustainable craft-type thing I could do with old CDs, and I found the CD coaster idea on the Frugalhaus knitting website.

The picture above shows my first attempt at a CD coaster—a bit too thick and fuzzy (more like a trivet than a coaster!), so I thought I'd have another go with lighter-weight yarn.

Three months later, I found the half-started attempt, pushed WAY back in a cupboard. It took me half an hour to finish, and below is the new one (right) next to the old one (left--which we have indeed been using as a coaster, not as a trivet).

There is a slight size difference, as well as the fact that one is clearly a re-used CD and the other is a bit more covert. I think I like the fuzzy, trivet-coaster (left) better than the lacy, "I'm Recycled!" coaster (right).

Which would you go with? I have at least six more old CDs to recycle....


Beth said...

Loads of CD ideas here.... Personally, I like the disco ball idea, especially for the car. But really, the frame's a cool idea too.

ruth said...

That's really cool! Personally I like the first one you did.

On a different note, I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about wireless access to rural African communities, the figure given was that when a person is connected to wireless technology their income increases by about 500 US$ a year. This is a huge amount for farmers and rural workers.

Tiana said...

I prefer the one on the right and you can coordinate the colour with the cd 'art'

ceesutt said...

Hey Feminista De La Casa,

I was trying to find a contact mail 4 u and couldn't. My apologies for using this comment forum for reaching out to u :(.

I work for GreenDimes and see your post about us! Wanted to let u know about some changes at the company that are coming. How can i get to u?
U will be pleased with them.

Interesting stuff u write bout. The micro loan one really intrigued me!

Best of luck, Colin;