Monday, April 30, 2007

Knit Nano Necklace II

A follow-up to my last post.

I used this pattern and some leftover sock yarn, as Kristi suggests.

My execution of her pattern was not perfect, but the product is serviceable.

The fun new technique, which I haven't quite mastered, was i-cord all around the pouch--picking up and knitting while i-cording, which makes a very strong pouch and a very well-attached cord.

If I made another, I'd make a flap and a button hole. (But it is hard to imagine one would need more than one Nano Necklace.)


Anonymous said...

So does it work? Or does it hang down too much and hit the floor when you are scrubing? I guess you'll have to wait for the weekend chores to find out how practical it actually is.

Femminista said...

Well, so far, it works as I walk around the house...and the knitted case protects it when I bump into things.

But for scrubbing floors, I think I'll have to tuck the necklace inside my shirt--which will certainly be more comfortable than inside my bra!

Anonymous said...

oh, and if I failed to mention it before: It is really cute! You did a great job!

Femminista said...

Thanks! DO you need one? I have more of that yarn.