Sunday, April 29, 2007


I have not blogged since Wednesday because I have been blind-sided by a few totally consuming obsessions.

No, not WebKinz this time.

One is that I applied for an exciting job in an exciting place. They may be reading this blog at this moment, so it made me a little paranoid about what I blog about.

So I didn't blog much.

It is also a HUGE long shot (since the job is in a place far away with a highly talented labor force and thus no reason to recruit from New Mexico). So I have decided to stop obsessing about that and just blog as normal.

The second is puppy adoption. In the very likely event that I do not get the far-away new job, we are soon going to get a puppy. We have been talking seriously about it for a year. I read books, surfed, talked to people who have wonderful, well-trained dogs, and now I feel ready.

But the puppy is not yet ready. In fact, it is not yet born.

So I'll just have to wait and try to obsess less, which is hard because I just read Katz on Dogs: A Commonsense Guide to Training and Living with Dogs and I REALLY would like a puppy NOW. And I think I need to read all of Katz's books. He's sensible and honest and good.

The third--and probably largest receiver of my energy these last few days--is the fantasizing about a Place of My Own, spurred by another great-sounding property I found. The pictures and description on the Internet made it look and sound very desirable:

This home was built in 2003. Has an open floor plan with lots of windows to let the sunshine in. It has one large bedroom and bath with a claw tub down stairs and two bedrooms and a bath upstairs. The flooring downstairs is a combo of brick tile and pine. Upstairs is pine and laminate flooring. Large workshop and a single wide in the back [which doesn't look that ugly in the one picture I found of it] could be a rental or guest house. Lots of pinon & cedar trees cover the ten acres. Only minutes from town. This home is constructed of straw bale and is 2250sqft.

Straw bale! Ten acres! Pueblo style! And easy commuting distance to work.

The photos on the site ARE beautiful.

But we made an appointment to look at it Saturday morning, and it was disappointing. It is a good effort from amateur, do-it-yourselfers, but it is unfinished, lacks closets, and the kitchen is not for people who actually cook.

But at least now we are looking. It's a start.

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