Sunday, April 22, 2007

An Invitation to Mine Gold

What Julia Cameron calls my Skeptic is feeling a wee bit icky about that upon which I am about to embark.

It is just a bit too self-helpy, too new-agey, too arty-farty, too flakey.

All of which cause serious revulsion in me.


Women I trust and love have followed Julia Cameron's Artist's Way and found the journey very meaningful. Ms. Theologian has just finished the Artist's Way and seems to have learned much.

A next step, once one has reconnected with one's creativity, is healing and reconciliation. Cameron guides one through this process through experiential tasks that she puts forth in The Vein of Gold.

My mother worked through The Vein of Gold with a group of women several years ago. She was so touched by the experience that she sent me two copies of the book so that one day I might make the journey with a friend.

These books were collecting dust on my shelf, and I almost added them to the Seven Things Project. Reading Ms. T’s occasional blog posts about her discoveries made on the Artist's Way made me re-think the whole idea, and I wondered whether a team blog might be a perfect way to form a supportive, interested group for such a journey.

I pitched the idea to Ms. T, sent her my extra copy of The Vein of Gold, and we have now formed a new blog:

It is a team blog for those who wish to follow The Vein of Gold.

It is a space to ask questions, share discoveries, write out tasks, report progress.

It is a work-at-your-own-pace space.

You are welcome to join.

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