Saturday, April 7, 2007

Seven Things Saturday, Week 6

Onward with Week Six of the project:

TWO old towels that have now been transformed into rags for chores.

TWO nightgowns: I have finally realized that I am not a nightgown person. I am a pajama person. Nightgowns twist around and ride up while I sleep--and they are just not warm enough. I like tops and bottoms! Nightgowns go to Salvy Army.

TWO old very math books from Al's collection: he doesn't use them any more, and they are too old to sell on or Amazon. To Salvy Army.

ONE brown leather purse-type thing (designed for neckties?) which came with a piece of luggage. Have had the luggage for a few years but have not used the weird necktie-holder thingy once. Off to Salvy Army.

Total this week: 7

Total so far: 46

1 comment:

Ms. Theologian said...

I HATE nightgowns for the same reason. I'm not sure if they were invented for women who slept without moving or what....