Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fun with RIT

My great friend Anne invited me to Salvy Army today for some after-work thrift-store shopping.

Our goal was a pair of jeans and a summer outfit for her. I needed nothing, since, as you know, I am trying to divest myself from extra possessions on a weekly basis.

So you know what happened, right?

Anne left the shop with nothing.

I acquired a pair of chinos and two summer shirts for me and an oxford for Al. For $14.


One of the shirts was a nicely shaped summer shirt from The Gap, a blouse which once was white but was now sort of a yellowy, dingy white with a faint brown stain on the front.

I bought it knowing that I had a bottle of Rit Liquid Dye (navy blue) squirreled away and at least two other light-colored shirts that were too stained to wear in public.

Less than an hour later, I now have three very wearable blue shirts instead of three stained white shirts. Yippee!


ruth said...

They look lovely! What a great idea to dye them.

Bridget said...

Great job! They look like you could wear them now with just about anything! I'm impressed.

Mom said...

Lovely! And the color choice is good because if it bleeds during washing it will still be pretty. Warm colors do not look so nice when they fade.

Quilters use a product called Retayne to set hand-dyed fabric. That helps, but you will likely still get some bleed. Be careful what you wash it with.

Ms. Theologian said...

Do you find that you have to bleach out the stains first or the blue dye darkens them? I've had that happen.

Femminista said...

I dyed them with alt to set; but I'll just wash them with jeans in future.

Ms. T--no, I didn't bleach first and the dye just covered up the stains. They were pretty faded stains--so I may have tried to OXY them out before, but it has been so long since I wore the garments that I am not sure...