Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Perfect Square

Today, my number-geek husband informs me I am a Perfect Square, something that hasn’t happened since I turned 25 and won’t happen again until I turn 49.

So, boys and girls, how old am I today?

I have had lovely calls and messages from my brother, my parents, my friend Edith.

I got a naughty, naughty card from my naughty, naughty English relatives. Both text and illustration made me blush and Alan cackle.

I got a haircut—which I don’t particularly like, but it happens only twice a year and will grow out quickly, as I am a very hairy person.

And, for her pet-free, child-free daughter, my Mom sent a Webkinz Lil’ Monkey—which is what my six-year-old nephew is pining for.

Do you know about Webkinz?

Apparently it is THE THING for a certain set (ages nine and under).

I registered my monkey online and now I am part of a virtual Webkinz world, where I can interact with my monkey and other people’s monkeys. And lions. And unicorns. Etc.

And I have to say, it IS sort of fun. DiceKinz--an online DICE game--is sort of addictive. And, of course, I totally conquer all (five-year-old) foes in the word games.

My brother suggest that the other over-30s on the site are probably paedophiles.


But I do wonder about online gaming for little people; by playing games, I "earn" cash so that I can feed my monkey, take him to the doctor, furnish his room, etc.

Do you detect something vaguely sinister in this whole set up? Or is it simply introducing kids to the 21st-century realities of consumerism and video games?

Ah. I'm off. I've blogged as I waited for Husband to shower so that we can go out for something cooked by someone else. Adios. Mwah.


Ms. Theologian said...

Mwah to you! Happy Birthday! And I hope to hear about your meal.

teeweewonders said...

Happy 36th Femminista. I hope the meal was good and plentiful. :o)

Femminista said...

Thanks! Well, the food was pretty bad, although the waitress was sweet, the room was nice and they comped me dessert adn sang me happy birthday. We actually drove to four different restaurants before we found one that was (a)served wine and (b)was open. Our local favorite is, apparently, closed on Tuesdays. (?)

Then we came home, drank scotch, played with the Webkinz (both of which actions really should stop before they become habits...), and knitted while listening to Villette.

sognatrice said...

Happy, happy birthday you big ole square!!!!