Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seven Things, Week 9

It's Seven Things SUNDAY this week because I missed Saturday because I was obsessed.

Not sure if this week's seven things is sort of cheating on the project, but it did involve clearing out an entire kitchen cupboard, so I think it is ok.

This week I have seven plastic food containers that were purchased (with original food), used, and then reused and reused and reused.

The trouble is that I keep buying yogurt and frozen green chile, and so my stash of plastic containers to use and re-use continues to grow.

My kitchen cabinet was BURSTING with them, and so I took the seven largest and decided they needed to go to the recycling center rather then remain in the cabinet. I still have at least seven others with which to store leftovers.

Most of my plastic containers are yogurt containers, and I am wondering if I should be making yogurt instead of buying it. Making it myself would be more in line with my food philosophy, and I would not accumulate unneeded the plastic yogurt containers.

I used to make yogurt when I lived in Tokyo--but it was so easy to do in that climate: you just mixed milk with a little yogurt and left it on the kitchen counter in a glass jar over night. In the morning, there was an entire jar of yogurt, which you ate, saving a little bit to start the next day's batch.

Here in arid, high-desert New Mexico, it just doesn't work.

So, recommendations, please:

Does anyone have a no-fail yogurt recipe tested in high altitude and dry climate? Or does anyone have a great yogurt machine that s/he would recommend?

Or, for those who regularly purchase yogurt (like me), do you do anything innovative with those pesky plastic containers?

Total this week: 7
Total so far: 74

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Ann said...

I had a friend who always made it in the oven. I looked that up and found
among many others. Hers was always great.

Have missed you on your blog...keeping up with you on the other.