Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Positive Action for a Better World

Just heard that my sister-in-law Sue has also signed up to walk for Breast Cancer with her sister, Beth, whom I blogged about below.


Beth is my sister-in-law's sister. And she blogs.

Sue is my sister-in-law. I've blogged about her here. She lives with my blog-reading-never-commenting brother and their seriously cute four boys.

The image is Sue at age eight, running a race with her mom (also Beth's mom).

Our moms had breast cancer. Beth and Sue's mom very sadly passed away in 1999.

We are angry about this disease.

Both Beth and Sue need sponsors.

To donate to Beth, click HERE
To donate to Sue, click HERE

(Sue, I sort of shot my wad with my donation to Beth, so I may need to get you next month....)


Ann said...

I will donate...which one should I go to? Sue since you did Beth? Gives me something positive to do! Truly, and I mean truly, tell me which one and off I will go! XX

Femminista said...

Wow, Ann. Thank you!

I know how you feel--I just need to make myself do positive things because otherwise I'll want to pull the covers over my head and never come out.

Yes, why don't you give to Sue, since I gave to Beth. She's a mom, like you, and a graceful athlete, though not a dancer (at least I don't think she is...).

Ann said...

Ok, off I go! XX

Anonymous said...

Ann...Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!
It is so sweet of you to think of me. I was a little late signing up and the next thing I know Beth is stealing my donations from me :) So....
Thank you again!!!

Beth said...

I'm not stealing! I swear! Our femminista is just quick on the charity-donating draw... I applaud that...

Mom said...

I'm truly proud of my daughters. This disease is more curable than in the past, because people like you are willing to fight it. Keep up the resistance, despite (or maybe because of) your bad genes.