Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool

Sognatrice deserves some acclaim for her highly successful April Fool's post. She totally got me. Zing.

Unrelated to above, except for the fact that Sognatrice links to her and she also made me laugh this morning, is The Other Girl, whose Blogger icon (image right) is the best one I have ever seen. Her caustically funny blog is Lately Bothered, and I just had to share her amazing photo with you.


sognatrice said...

Aw, shucks...I *heart* Lately Bothered (and the photo) so much as well; glad you plugged it :)

The Other Girl said...

Oh, thank you for the mention! But I have to confess that I had nothing to do with the photo except for finding it. (People sometimes think she's my cat, but my cat would beat me down if I did that to her.) Evidently, this cat is something of an internet staple; if you do a Google image search on some combination of "cat" "hat" and "lime" (even though that's really a pomelo on her head), you'll see that a lot of people have used that picture as their icon. I even found a couple of similar pictures of what appears to be the same cat with a different citrus hat. I may have to do a post about it one day. Poor famous kitty.