Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Craft Mafia

I just learned, through the BUSTline, about the Craft Mafia:

The first Craft Mafia was founded in 2003 by nine crafty buisness women in Austin, TX. The group originally came together through a shared love for craft, DIY ethics and mutual respect. As the Craft Mafia developed it became a forum for networking, promotion and shared ideas.
Other Mafias have popped up accross the continent and beyond:

Austin DC Houston Detroit Round Rock Lafayette, IN Philadelphia St. Paul Omaha Anchorage Boston Grand Rapids Toronto Baltimore Sacramento Chicago Denton Louisville Richmond Fort Lauderdale Vancouver Pittsburgh San Antonio Kansas City, MO Seattle Albuquerque Charlottesville, VA Pleasanton Leeds, UK Tulsa Lubbock, TX Cincinnati New Orleans San Francisco Atlanta St. Louis Dallas San Diego Minneapolis Nashville New York City Wilmington San Jose Charlotte, NC Burlington Hollywood, FL

Is anyone out there a member of one of these clubs? If so, do tell something about what happens, how it's organized, etc. Is there more to it than just a great name?

The Richmond (VA) Craft Mafia is holding its Spring Bada-Bing on April 22: According to the BUSTline, this is
not your mother's craft show! Modern and edgy are the keywords here as the RCM continue to offer local consumers a new and socially conscious way to shop. Spring Bada-Bing (SBB) will be hosting an array of artists and crafters from all over Virginia and the east coast!
If anyone goes, please, please, please tell us all about it.

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