Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cook-from-Gourmet Day

Today, Alan is running an all-day chess tournament for 127 people. He's down the road, and one of my jobs for the day is to be here and feed him delightful things when he pops in for a break.

In addition to making about a thousand cups of tea, I have been inspired by the May issue of Gourmet magazine which arrived a few days ago.

I subscribed because I was offered the "professional rate" of $12/year. (Pretty cheap for twelve issues.) And I'm a fan of its editor, Ruth Reichl. But I have been disappointed in my first few issues--a lot of eye candy but not much I actually wanted to make.

Until this issue. Today is Cook-from-Gourmet Day.

I made Tunisian Briks for lunch--very easy and very tasty. They made me remember that whole scene in one of Reichl's books (was it Tender at the Bone or Comfort Me with Apples?), in which she tastes her first brik.

For dinner we are having the Moqueca Capixaba (a Brazilian fish stew from Espirito Santo) with Pirao (a kind of polenta cooked in a fish and vegetable stock).

I had also planned on making Chuchu e Palmito (chayote and hearts-of-palm salad). Yes, you can buy fresh chayote at Wal-Mart. But you can't make the salad if you forget to buy the hearts-of-palm.

I also admit, with no small guilt, to being influenced by Haagen-Daz's advertisements in Gourmet for their new sticky toffee pudding ice cream. Wal-Mart just got it in, so it appears on today's menu, along with Ben and Jerry's new Creme Brulee flavor (which I just sampled--a bit disappointing, like slightly crunchy, very cold marshmallow fluff).

But what I really, really want to make is Gourmet's Fig and Sesame Tart with Cardamom Orange Cream.

Alas, no figs in Wal-Mart today.

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