Friday, February 9, 2007

Another charitable institution wants knitters....

What do these remind you of?


So what seems to happen a lot is that Steph finds interesting online tid-bits--and I get to blog about them. (Cool!)

Here's her latest discovery: Woolly breasts appeal goes global

The gist of it is that a hospital has asked volunteers to knit fake breasts.


The knitted facsimiles are used to show new mothers how to breastfeed and how to express milk.

The knitting pattern for the breasts is allegedly being made available online for volunteers to download--but I have searched and searched, and all I find are references to the fact that the pattern is being made available online for volunteers to download and that the source of the pattern is the Lactation Consultants' Association.

But I find no pattern.

And I would charitably knit some of these beauties in a heartbeat and send them to Liverpool ASAP if I could get a pattern.

Liverpool, are you out there? Could you please post your pattern?

Knitted breasts reminds me of a similar pattern I came across several years ago and have wanted to knit ever since just for the hell of it--or for novelty gifts for like-minded girlfiends. Check this out (and pause to appreciate the artfully hilarious pictures): knit your own womb.

The creator of the pattern, MK Carroll, has some follow-up on her blog here, including a two-needle version of the pattern and discussion of other knitted body parts.

My only slightly related project was a knitted thong with fur trim which I made for a fairly large man but which seems to fit yours truly (when worn on top of clothing)...


Stephanie said...

Well, I seem to come across a lot of craft-related items, yet having no craft0related skills, I feel I shouldn't blog about them, but you don't have to either, just because I email them. Only if you want to. :)

Also, since installing my new virus software I can't upload photos to save my life, and the breasts definitely needed illustration. :) But that that's spectacular.

Elizabeth said...

Are you kidding? You find such great stuff! I love it when you send me links.

Stephanie said...

Oh, okay!

btw, I couldn't find the pattern for that boob either initially. Bummer.

ceri said...

i saw the bbc article before you put your post up and was excited about the pattern too...but after much research this is what i found:

seems like knitted boobies are becoming all the rage!

ceri said...
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Elizabeth said...

Sorry-- I removed a duplicate post from Ceri because I stupidly published it twice (somehow?!?!?).

Ceri, thanks for the link! I love knitty--and once I followed your link, I remmebred seeing this pattern years ago. My favorite part: "Warning: Do not wear a Tit Bit with a weight onto an airplane, as it may be confiscated as a dangerous projectile. Make yourself a non-weighted travel titty instead.)"

Stephanie said...

That link is great! And funny.

teeweewonders said...

I have been searching as well, as I think it's such a great way of using up odds and ends. I am going to try finding an email address to the nurse (or was she a doctor?) in question and get a copy of the pattern that way, as I want to post it on my blog!

teeweewonders said...

I found it!
Sorry for the long link, but I've left it here:

Happy knitting!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, teeweewonders!