Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kaffee Klatsch

I had a wonderful and rejuvenating hour and a half today with the coffee-shop knitting group. Vibrant, healthy, fun conversation.

Still high from Kate Manchester's visit to my blog (see her comment in Sunday Dinner), I made my way to the Super Chief Coffee Bar.

Over double-shot lattes and pots of tea, we talked about cleaning with vodka, folding fitted sheets, laundering down pillows, removing periperi sauce stains, spinning dog hair, the dangers of kerosene stoves, turning 70 (and 60 and 50), the Bill Richardson presidential campaign, Colores del Corazon (the upcoming local fiber arts show), and other weighty matters.

During the course of our crafting* and conversation, we were approached by a very polite and articulate anti-nuclear activist, who asked us to call our local senator, Paul Griego, and protest a government memorial affirming the importance of uranium and nuclear energy production.

*Some knit, some paint, some sketch, some quilt.

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