Wednesday, February 7, 2007

BUST Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

Just got this invite in the email, and if I didn't live over a thousand miles from New York City, I'd be tempted to go.*

It's "A DIY Valentine's Day for One: Therapeutic Crafts for the Bruised, Blackened and Broken Hearts of New York City."

To read the fine print in the invitation above, click here.

*I should clarify that I do not have a bruised or broken heart (lest Mom worry about the State of My Marriage!), but I really like the emphasis here on sisterhood and crafting!


Mom said...

I'm not bruised, blackened, or broken, but I'd go if I were in the neighborhood. Sounds a lot like my quilt guild meetings.

Beth said...

i just RSVP'd to this yesterday! so funny...

Elizabeth said...

So Mom, they have sex toys at your quilt guild?

Beth, I hope you blog about it! Cant wait to hear what it was like! Deb Stoller sounds super cool. I own two of her books.