Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Too stressed to blog

Forgetting my strategy of approaching life like a Buddhist (calm, detached, in the zone), today I am a feeling a bit overwrought and in need of one of those subversive cross stitch kits.

Connect these dots:

  • active tuberculosis (not me)
  • the Department of Health
  • the Board Meeting
  • the International Board Meeting
  • the Press
  • grammar tests
  • the publisher's deadline
  • taxes
  • Hinduism lessons
  • exam marking
  • depression and therapy (again, not me)
  • unreliable dial-up internet
  • part-time work (?)

And all I really want to do is move to Duluth, watch movies and knit.

And eat Ben and Jerry's.

And read the new Harry Potter.

And take naps.

And blog.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...


I have a theory about part-time work. I don't actually believe it exists, in most cases. Sure, you can be paid part of a whole salary, but the time and energy....that's usually full-time.