Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From One Femminista to Another

I am going to try not to become too, too political on this blog--but at the moment I am so stunned that I can't help it.

I just heard it on the Lehrer News Hour, and I couldn't believe it. So I Googled, and so far only one blog seems to mention it--and that without comment.

Could I be the only one reacting to what Hillary Clinton said today at the Democratic presidential candidate forum in Nevada?

She said, "But I want to cut off money to the Iraqi troops. They’re not standing up and getting the job done."


Didn't we invade them?


And thus turn their country into the living hell that it is today?

And now it is their fault?

Hillary, don't we have some responsibility to clean up our own mess?

I can't see myself voting for anyone who adopts a "blame the victim" stance.


Twiggy said...

OH my god...did she say that? seriously?? Sorry I'm not from your country, so I don't get to tune in to presidential forums but SHEESH, can't believe she said that.

Elizabeth said...

I know. I heard it on the radio and Googled immediately, and there it was again. But why is no one in the media commenting on it?

It makes me feel betrayed, dismayed, mortified.

Ms. Theologian said...

I heard that on NPR.

I really feel like at some point she just made the wrong turn into the swamp.