Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boycott ExxonMobil

Fernando, my local sustainability guru, forwarded me a message which seems rather important.

As Fernando says, "I think this is an easy way to do something for the planet."

(I must also admit that I've been angry at Mobil ever since it dropped its long-time support for PBS's Masterpiece Theatre shortly after it became ExxonMobil in 1999. Grrrr.

Same thing happened when Texaco ended sixty-four years of sponsorship of the Metropolitan Opera's Sunday afternoon live radio broadcasts after it merged with Chevron.

If you are a greedy oil company that is sucking the planet dry, contributing to global climate destruction and making oodles of profit, the least you can do is sponsor the arts!)

But back to Fernando's email, which he passed on to me and others from either ThePetitionSite or the Care2 website:

What would you do with nearly 40 billion dollars in profit?

Well, if you were ExxonMobil, you'd continue opposing solutions to global warming and funding junk science, despite the fact that climate change could lead to the extinction of thousands of irreplaceable wildlife species. You'd keep trying to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge despite its importance to America’s vanishing polar bears and other wildlife. And you’d be one of the only major oil giants still refusing to invest a dime into clean, renewable energy sources.

That’s what ExxonMobil is doing with its second consecutive year of record-breaking profits, and we need your help to stop them.

Wildlife supporters from across the country have banded together to successfully defeat ExxonMobil's attempts to industrialize the Arctic Refuge. But we must do even more to push the company to start being a part of the solution to global warming and other threats to wildlife.

Sign this petition to tell ExxonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson that you're boycotting the company until it stops double-crossing America on global warming and the Arctic Refuge.

Have you ever participated in this type of protest before? When you see an Exxon or Mobil gas station, drive right by and know that you are one of hundreds of thousands of people refusing to support ExxonMobil’s bad policies on global warming and the Arctic Refuge. And sign this petition to Exxon’s CEO so he knows why ExxonMobil’s clout is waning.

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