Monday, March 12, 2007


Today I plucked my first GREY eyebrow hair.

Aberration? Albino hair?

Middle age?


ruth said...

It's not grey, it's blonde!

Femminista said...

Bless you! But I am about as blonde as a chimpanzee. (And just as hairy...)

Mom said...

I celebrated my first gray hair, believing I had finally reached maturity. I cursed my second gray hair, believing that my youth might be slipping away. I dyed my third gray hair, and have been in denial about my advancing age ever since.

Eventually, I will have to stop pretending. But you have many years to pretend. If it bothers you, wage chemical warfare. You can be any color you want.

Femminista said...

Hair dye? No thank you.

"The less hair dye used over a lifetime, the less likely a person will be exposed to enough dye to cause cancer."