Thursday, March 8, 2007

Femminista Fiesta!

Blog Against Sexism Day
Thanks again to Ms. T at Surviving the Workday for cluing me in—it’s International Women's Day and also Blog Against Sexism Day!

Although International Women's Day is designated in many countries as a national holiday, clearly I got through most of the day NOT EVEN KNOWING it was today.

How sad!

These events prompt me to blog against sexism by explaining why I am a Femminista:

  • Because I believe that women are not subordinate to men.

  • Because I acknowledge that women have been historically oppressed and that this is no longer acceptable.

  • Because I celebrate the work that women do and the contributions they make to society—much of which is unacknowledged. Many women are now working in the professional realm and do get acknowledged for that (although we are still often paid less than our male co-workers). However, much important work is also done in the home--the realm domestic--and that work, still often done exclusively by women, seems to be sadly unacknowledged.

Rock On, Femminstas! It's our Day!