Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Flower

Our first flower of spring has sprung--the first timid daffodil.

My life is not my own this week, as I troubleshoot logistics for an International Board Meeting of about 40 people from about 20 countries (including at least one former Head of State and a Baroness).

We are 120 miles from an airport and 60 miles from a classy hotel. They arrive tomorrow (to a New Mexican welcome of Frito Pie and beer!), and I am their slave (aka copy girl) until Sunday morning.

So, no cooking or knitting or cleaning or blogging for me.


I'll miss you all in the meantime, and I'll post if I can....


sognatrice said...

So pretty! Hope all is going well and that you'll come back with plenty of stories to tell :)

Twilight said...

Oh, that's a pretty one. When we're done building I want to have a garden.