Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ongoing education: La-la 101

As recently blogged, I've discovered Lala and am trying to participate. (Lala facilitates getting rid of CDs no longer listened to and getting CDs wanted but not yet acquired.)

So far, I've made 9 trades--and it would've been more, had I known this: Lala doesn't email you when you have what someone else wants.

No, it expects you to check in to Lala. Often. Daily. Multiple times per day. Before someone else decides to send the "wanter" the CD that you've been waiting to offload.

No wonder I hadn't traded anything for weeks! Sheesh! I'd been sitting back waiting for an email summons that never would come.

So now I know. And you do too, whether you need to or not.

(In mild protest, I listed all the Lala CDs that I want to get rid of on and Amazon Marketplace. That pile of stuff IS going away, one way or another!)