Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seven Things Saturday--Week 4

I continue with the project a bit late this week—but here they are:

1. Aluminum tent stakes which are not macho enough for my spouse. We now have very, very big steel ones that go into rocky New Mexican ground, so we don’t need these wimpy ones that actually came with our tent. Salvation Army Thrift Store gets these.

2. Kitschy metal flowers that I had outside in a pot one year during the drought to break up the horrid dusty brown. But this year we have real flowers and even rain! Salvation Army Thrift Store gets these, too.

3. Le Nozze di Figaro —full opera cassette tapes and libretto book—sold on eBay; payment pending.

4. Cosi fan Tutte-- full opera and libretto on cassette tapes – listed on eBay, didn’t sell, so off to Salvation Army. One can’t list cassette tapes on or Amazon—the technology is too old. I am offloading these lovely operas because last week I offloaded our only working tape player.

5. Brown wool skirt purchased at Salvation army for $1; worn several times, but difficult to iron and not as flattering as I need it to be…so back to Salvation Army it goes.

6. An Illustrated History of Australian Cricket which has been in the bookshelf for years, has been listed on Amazon and and has never sold. Perhaps there is some Australian cricket fan other than my husband in New Mexico who also shops at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

7. Set of four VHS tapes of lectures on understanding wine which had been listed on Amazon and and eBay—never sold. They are rather old, but the information is still rather interesting. Maybe the Salvation Army shopper who likes Australian cricket will also want to learn about wine?

Total this week: 7

Total so far: 31

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