Friday, March 30, 2007

Odes to Spring--the Winners!

Yesterday it looked and felt like spring.

Today it snowed.

But signs of spring are unconquerable. I checked my email just now and saw that the finalists to the Prairie Home Spring Poetry Contest (Lhude Sing Cuccu) have been announced. Alas, my 20-minute dog poop poem did not emerge as a winner. Did any of you enter? Does your name appear on the winners' list? Is there a Bed of Roses in your future?

I am still feeling punky from my lovely spring cold, so I didn't work as hard as I should have this Friday afternoon/evening and instead watched a wonderful French film (J'adore Audrey Tautou), made apple crisp and knitted.

I am doing a four-hour knitting demonstration tomorrow at a local fiber arts gallery/show, and I am not sure what I will take as a working piece. Certainly not the bizarre black hat (with faux fur trim) that I am knitting up for a new friend who is sort of middle-aged Goth.

Need to go sort through yarn and needles and patterns....

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Bridget said...

I'll have to check the movie out, as I really like her, too.

Wow, a four hour knitting demonstration - I'd think you'd need to take a few pieces for that! Good luck, and hope you'll feel better soon.