Friday, March 23, 2007

Up for Air

I have 45 minutes until the next event--and not enough braincells working to tackle the next project on the pile on my desk. All is going smoothly with the international visitors, who are a very nice and impressive lot. But I've lost my lipstick and my hairbrush and I am wearing yesterday's shirt. And I smell.

Last night, I sat next to a former Norwegian Minister of Education and Church Affairs and of Petroleum and Energy and a retired British Army General. I took them to the local New Mexican family restaurant for the margaritas and the good green chile. Unfortunately, the green chile was a bit too hot for the General.

And in between meetings and during the cocktail hours, I've been hanging out with Dr. Rodrigo Carazo (a former president of Costa Rica) and his wife Etsrella--charming, beautiful people. Luckily I have been to Costa Rica (for only eight days!), so I can ask some questions that are not completely clueless.

Have been doing mostly Girl Friday-type things--copying, phoning, scheduling, reserving, herding, corralling, bus driving--and also hosting a social event each evening.

One more very full evening and another very full day--and we'll be done.

Can't wait until Sunday.

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