Sunday, March 25, 2007

Food Fight

Just had huge fight with husband.

Post Hell-week, I made a meal using up the leftover rice and leftover potatoes that were still in the fridge:
Two different items, two different flavors, two different colors. Served it up, looking healthy and appealing. Smelled great.

Spouse shoveled up a forkful of one dish and then added a good helping of the other onto same forkful.

The same forkful.

Why did I bother making two things? Why spend an hour cooking two dishes when I could have made one thing with one taste in 20 minutes?

When I pointed out that I had made two dishes from two different recipes and that each had a different taste to enjoy, my spouse told me that I was being too directive. That it all gets mixed up in the digestive process anyway.

Maybe so.

But he is now going to be a recipient of one-pot-meals until he begs for mercy.


Ann said...

You and I come out of the SAME stewing pot...hang on to your spices!

Twilight said...

While I like to eat things with specific tastes seperately I'm a big fan of mixing things together. I'm one of those people that always puts my corn into my mashed potatoes. Depends on the dish I suppose.