Saturday, March 10, 2007

Seven Things Saturday--Week 2

For this week's seven things to chuck, I have

TWO old tablecloths--one irreversibly stained with wine or curry; the other, a hand-embroidered Hungarian cloth purchased about ten years ago and used regularly despite it being weirdly shrunk (by me) so that it is really too lumpy to use (polyester embroidery thread + cotton fabric = puckering).

I decided to try to transform these useless tablecloths into something useful and borrowed the idea of the Alterknits t-shirt rugs. I cut each of the tablecloths into a one-inch strip (one very, very long spiral strip, from outside edge to center)...

...and then knit each up into a rug. (To be honest I am still knitting, but the transformation of each table cloth is imminent.) I was thinking of sending them to my friend Steph, but I am not sure if they will be nice enough.


I also chucked ONE collective thing: the crap on my refrigerator.

I threw most of it away. It was a bit tough to throw away photos, but the ones I threw out were those of kids of people we never see, photos that had been sent in Christmas cards several years ago. I kept the pics of my amazing nephews, and I tossed the schedules that we never look at along with the recipes that I have not yet made despite the fact that they've been on the fridge for over six months.


Lastly, ONE cd sent to Lala and THREE items for Salvation Army: a CD too obscure to list on Lala or, a strapless bra from the days when I was frequently asked to be a bridesmaid (goodbye, 1990s!), and a sun-faded teddy bear that I have inexplicably kept for the past 20 years.

Total this week: 7.

Total so far: 14

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Ms. Theologian said...

You've reminded me I could probably get rid of my strapless bras too. :)

We like the rugs and we need rugs! Our furniture is scratching the floor.