Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Appreciation for new friends

In the last two weeks I have made many, many new blogging friends. This blogging thing is getting better and better, and I am tempted to quit my day job, hole up and just BLOG. (I am not sure my family would find this a very healthy response...but they don't blog.)

I was stunned today to visit two of my new regular reads and see my very own blog cited right there in today's posts. (Huge super-blush.)

I get to be one of Cherrye's desert island five (!), and Taoknitter very generously includes this blog in her list of what she reads and why.

I am chuffed! It's like getting a hug. I am all alone this week and a bit overwhelmed with work (which I am not doing...because I'm blogging), so such warm fuzzies are all the more welcome and effective.

I feel completely gushy and grateful. As Ms. T would say, "Mwah!"


ruth said...

I hear you about giving up work and blogging full-time! Now wouldn't that be fun.

Ann said...

Had to share about you! Others must visit! XXX

sognatrice said...

I'm working on a post about great blogs discovered through the party...so you'll be getting another virtual hug soon (or later depending on how quickly I finish it) :)

Femminista said...

Songatrice: MWAH!