Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seven Things Saturday--Week 5

It is far too easy for me to find seven things every week to give away.

Clearly I have way more junk than I had realized. Thank goodness for this project.

F0r this week:

TWO lampshades, brand new, that fit no known lamps in our home.

TWO Asian chotchkies, one Thai and one Japanese, given to me by very sweet students. Have collected dust on bookshelf for far too long.

TWO black purses, one leather, one velvet. Both have traveled with me to abodes in three countries; neither has been used more then three times.

TWO Christmas chotchkies from the top shelf of my closet--one cookie tin and one Dickens-themed tea pot with no lid.

ALL are on their way to Salvation Army Thrift Store, which I'll stop by on the way to the knitting demonstration that I am about to do with others from my Kaffee Klatsch.

I should be home working at the computer--but I won't be.

Total this week: 8

Total so far: 39


Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Your Thai dollies are brilliant and I collect 'em is it illegal for me to offer to give them a home?

Melissa the kitsh glutton

Femminista said...

Hey there! Of course I would have given them to you IMMEDIATELY (and many weeks ago) had I known you collected them. Unfortuantely, I took them to Salvy Army this morning. :( Do you think they stay there--or do they get shipped off to some processing center?

sognatrice said...

I think I had that Christmas tin at one point; I'm sure my mother used it to give away some cookies at some point :)