Friday, March 9, 2007

Who you are and what you're looking for

For those of you who read blogs but don't actually blog yourself, you may not know that I can see you.

Well, not you, actually. More like your IP address.

Like most blogs, mine has a little tracking device embedded in the code, and it shows me all sorts of information.

For example, I know that I have a new reader in Farmington, New Mexico. (Hi, Farmington! If you feel comfortable, please post a comment so that we can "meet"! If not, please feel free to keep lurking--it's just nice to know I have a relatively local reader.)

I know that of the last 100 views, readers have visited from the United States, Costa Rica, Canada, South Africa, China, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Portugal.

Most readers come to my blog from other blogs that have linked to me, but at least eight readers in the last 100 have come from a Google search. What were they Googling?

Two Googled me (!)--the keywords were "femminista della casa". The others searched on

  • empowered
  • jemez pueblo
  • busty
  • raising chickens
  • radical lace subversive knitting skull
  • vodka as cleaning agent
How's that for variety?

("Busty" comes up nearly every day. I'm thinking it's adolescent boys hoping for an entirely different sort of blog. Along with disappointment, they get a little education on breast cancer.)

I don't know if most bloggers check out their stats, but I am new and I am trying to figure out the whole blog demographic thing. It has been great to watch the readership grow from my parents and my friend Stephanie to a real international group!


Ms. Theologian said...

It's kind of fun to see how people find your blog.

Now of course there are anonymous ways to surf too, so you never know who exactly reads your blog....

Femminista said...

Wow! How'd you do that? Under the radar...!

Femminista said...

Ah! I have now learned all about anonymous surfing from . Interesting, but way too much trouble for me!

Ann said...

I love looking at the analytics for my blog, too. I have learned about places I never knew existed. There were a couple of days when there were many people from up and down the east coast of China coming to the blog. They spent so much time on certain pages that I wondered if they were studying them. A friend suggested maybe they were getting ready to hijack the making of Irish dance dresses so they could mass produce them! Hah!

Beth said...

I'm your reader from NYC, if you haven't guessed... and kudos on the Seventh Generation posting... Excellent idea! Meanwhile, check out my latest from my (rainy) trip to Honduras...

Femminista said...

I will! Welcome home. :)