Saturday, March 10, 2007

Odes to Spring?

Someone has to write them . . .

Am listening to A Prairie Home Companion (it's a spring-break archived compilation opera show--Renée Fleming is fabulous!), and Garrison has announced a spring poetry contest:

Minimum: fourteen lines. Must contain reference to spring. Must be original. Must be submitted by March 28 at midnight Central Standard Time.
On March 31, Prairie Home will present the best poems and lyrics, and the grand prize is

a Queen-sized Sleep Number 5000 bed (with foundation legs) along with three dozen roses — a bed of roses delivered to your door — a renaissance in your
domestic life — a source of untold joy, not to mention untold sleep.
So let's get to work! You can submit yours online here.


Ms. Theologian said...

What kind of flowers are those, btw? I planted them from bulbs and can't remember what they are....

I like the idea of a poetry contest.

Femminista said...

Are they not crocus? Or are they the one with the longer name that you plant with daffodils?

I submitted a pretty bad poem about dog poop coming out of the melting snow and digging for new potatoes. I spent 20 minutes on it and then uploaded it--what one SHOULDN'T DO when hoem alone on a Saturday night.

Ms. Theologian said...

They certainly might be crocuses. I think they're lovely. :)

And that also sounds like a delightful Ode to Spring.

Mom said...

These flowers are certainly the plural of crocus. Croci?

I will submit a bad spring poem. It will NOT be about dog poop. It might be about grandsons. It might be about emerging asparagus that looks like brains.